Day 1 in Costa Rica

After an exhausting 13 hour flight from YYZ to SJO, I have finally arrived to my destination.

I was picked up by a shuttle that I arranged with Alajuela Backpackers, my home for one night in Costa Rica. This was my first backpacking trip and my very first hostel experience. I wasn’t sure how to deal with people that night: was I supposed to say hi to them or introduce myself?  I met a girl who was from Montreal Canada and it was her last day in Costa Rica. She gave me information about places to visit, that was pretty cool.

I felt hungry so I decided to buy my first meal of ceviche from a typical restaurant (ABGB) that was recommended by the front desk associate. It was small, refreshing and fulfilling.

Then I went to bed.

Travel tip #1 : When you get to the airport, make sure to buy Costa Rican Colones. Conversion varies from store to store. Sometimes they use 500 Col=1 USD but in reality it should be ~550 Col=1 USD


Charmel =)




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